Our Story

We are the Tyson's... just your ordinary family on a mission to experience the extraordinary. 

Our passion for travel started back in 2015 when we decided to sell our properties and possessions in order to live out our dreams of being full-time travellers. Over the next 3 years, we travelled across 4 continents and explored over 25 countries.

In 2018 we added a new member to our travel clan; Roman. We knew that travelling with a baby would change our travel style but we were ready for the challenge. Roman took to the travel life instantly and began his first adventure at just 10 weeks old and has now been to 16 destinations and counting. 


At the same time, we decided that we wanted to balance our dreams of having stability as a family but not wanting to give up our passion for travel. We took the opportunity to buy a little cottage in the Suffolk countryside. So when we are not on the road this is where you can find us.



Originally from London, I spent my early career working for some of the UK's biggest luxury beauty retailer's and events.

Travel has always been a big part of my life growing up; I even learnt to crawl in Greece when I was 6 months old.  

Taking a hiatus in 2015 helped me realise that I had a real passion for photography.


I am the voice behind the blog and the organiser of the family. When I'm not writing posts you can find me behind my camera or editing our photos!



Apprentice traveller, novice photographer and full-time explorer! 

I am happiest when we are on an adventure exploring and love anything to do with the water whether it is surfing at the beach or paddleboarding on a river.


I recently got a camera like my parents and plan to be the next biggest travel photographer... watch this space. 

Another little quiz to brighten your Sunday! This is one of our favourite images of the se


AKA Roy's People whose speciality is to create witty and intriguing imagery with customised miniature figures.


Since 2012, Roy began photographing his miniature world on the streets of London, he now takes his little army (including Roman) around the world on our travels.


Normally found attached to his camera but you can also find Roy carrying the luggage!

Collaborate With Us



We can offer professional photography for your social media and business needs. We use a variety of equipment and have experience shooting in many settings.



We can provide both high-quality video's for your brand and also offer vlogging style content. 


Drone Footage

We have a full license from the CAA to fly our drone for commercial purposes. Drone footage elevates the imagery and video footage we can offer to you. We use a professional DJI drone.


Content Creation and Blog Posts

We love to share experiences and reviews with our audience, we can offer an honourable review of your products or services. 


Sponsorships and Take Overs

We have a loyal and active following through all our social media channels and can offer collaboration opportunities to help your brand connect with our audience.