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We are the Tyson family... a travel mad family of 3; Lauren, Roy and Little Roman. Our love for travel started in 2015 before Roman joined the crew, we decided to sell our flats and all of our belongings to fund our passion to travel the world. We visited some amazing destinations and made lifelong memories including getting engaged in Thailand! we chose to return to the UK to start our family but we were well and truly bitten by the travel bug and didn't want to let having children stop us from living out our passion. Travelling with children can be quite daunting and takes a little more time to plan and prepare but the rewards of travelling as a family are so worth it. In this blog, we want to share our experiences from travelling and visiting attractions as a family in the UK and abroad, review essential family travel kit and pass on useful family travel tips we have picked up along the way.  Our aim is to inspire and help other families to travel with their kids.

If you have followed us for a while you will know we like to live a very simple home life. We swapped our expensive London lifestyles and now live in a little cottage in the Suffolk countryside. Doing this enables us to travel more whilst still allowing our family to have a home.

We love to hear from our readers so do please add your comments, personal tips and recommendations in the relevant article comments section. It would be great if we could all learn from each other!



Originally from London, I spent my early career working for some of the UK's biggest luxury retailer's and events. After taking a hiatus back in 2015 to embark on our soul searching backpacking break I learnt quickly that my ultimate passion is travelling, photography, embracing other cultures, and sharing my experiences with others through writing.


I am the voice behind the posts and the organiser of the family. When I'm not writing posts you can find me behind my camera or editing our photos!


AKA Roy's People whose speciality is to create witty and intriguing imagery with customised miniature figures. Since 2012, Roy began photographing his miniature world on the streets of London, he now takes his little army (including Roman) around the world on our travels.


Normally found attached to his camera but you can also find Roy carrying the luggage!


The Apprentice traveller, novice photographer and full-time explorer! Roman is happiest when he is outside having adventures and would spend every day on the beach if he could. 

He has grown up in a photography-based family so it was only natural that he should follow in our footsteps and already owns his own camera!

Current obsessions include dinosaurs and aeroplanes.