5 ways to save money on family flights

Updated: Oct 19

Everyone wants to find the cheapest flights for their holiday and as a family that can be even more important because you are paying for each member of the family to fly. Airfares can eat up a massive chunk of your travel budget so finding the best deal out there is always my main priority. When browsing for flight's there are a couple of things that I recommend you can do that will help to keep those costs down and save money on your travels.

Sign up for cheap flight newsletters

Firstly I would recommend signing up for most of the major airlines and flight comparison sites newsletters. They send out monthly/weekly newsletters to your email address and the majority of them will include a discount or special fare for a particular flight or destination. You will also be among the first to receive access to the airfare sales so it is worth checking these emails if you are flexible on locations.

Research and book in incognito mode

Every time you search and look at a URL on your phones, laptops, and computers it is retained and stored in the memory, even after closing the window. If you are continuously looking for a particular holiday or flight you may notice the price will increase over the hours/days, this is because they will see this particular flight or those dates are in demand. The way to beat this is to search and book in 'Incognito Mode' this is an online privacy feature and stops your browsing history from being stored. The easiest way to do this is with the keyboard shortcut combination Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows) or in your settings if using a phone or tablet.

Avoid unnecessary extras

Fast track, extra legroom, pre-ordering meals all sound great but they can easily rack up extra costs that aren't really a necessity. Everyone booked on the flight will be getting on the plane, I never understand the need to be the first one on. If you have booked your tickets in one transaction the likelihood is that you will be sat together, you can help this by checking in as early as possible. Extra legroom is great if you are tall but they normally end up being the seats with people hanging around waiting for the toilets, if you don't need them then head for the back of the plane, they are less in demand and you may end up nabbing extra seats. For food, we take our own snacks with us in hand luggage or buy a meal in the airport to take on, it's normally half the price.

Pick your dates wisely

If you are looking to travel in the school holidays, look at the latest possible travel dates. The last week of August and the first week in September tend to be cheaper than the beginning of the summer holidays. Even better why not go in the October half term? destinations like Morocco or the Canary Islands that are hot can still be a little pricy but more offseason places such as Italy or Greece should still be warm and much cheaper than the summer holidays.

Consider indirect flight's

If you are looking at a long-haul destination you have two options; direct and indirect. Direct is obviously the fastest way to get there, you fly from A to B but you also tend to pay a premium for the luxury of this. Indirect you will take 2/3 flights depending on where you are going. They are normally much cheaper and I opt for these as they give you a chance to stretch your legs, grab some normal food/coffee and we will normally get changed, brush our teeth, etc. Another benefit of indirect is that you have the chance to arrange a stopover, this is when you fly with a particular airline and they do a stop in their hub city (Emirates is Dubai, Etihad is Abu Dhabi, Thai Air is Bangkok, and so on) You will have a selection of hotels to choose from at ridiculously low price and they will arrange free transport and some even offer free tours to promote their city, check with the airline before booking though.

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