Baby Travel Stroller Review - Chicco OhLaLa

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

When we were looking for a travel stroller to take away with us on our travels I started searching the market for something to match all my key needs and that was kind on the funds. There are so many on the market each with different features and at different budgets but choosing one was mind boggling!

I decided to narrow it down to around 4 all with their own benfits but when I looked at everything I expected from a stroller we decided to settle on the Chicco OhLaLa I had written a list when i was originally choosing which I would love to share with you guys and hopefully if anyone is potentially looking at the Chicco OhLaLa or travel strollers in general it will hopefully answer some questions you may have and save you hours of browsing the internet.

1. Lightweight - It weighs only 3.8 KG so can be carried in one hand and great for lifting up and down stairs with a baby in even if you are on your own (I have experience of this)

2. Easy to put up and down - It has 1 button to open and lock and folds in just one movement - even Roy could do it and thats saying something ;)

3. Sturdy - we were going to southeast asia and it needed to withstand the roads there as well as make it there in 1 piece on the planes and I can reveal it did and it is still in amazing condition even after multiple trips after this

4. Lays fully flat so Roman could sleep - this was a big one for me as we wanted to be able to get him to nap in it so we could have some quiet time on the beaches or if we were out he could still have somewhere comfortable to sleep

5. Budget Friendly - This is a great price so much so we actually thought even if it only just makes it home we would be happy however its succeeded this and is still going strong so we were super happy!

6. Sun Protection - It has a great sized hood that folds right down allowing you to keep the little one protected from the sun, it was also great for making Roman comfy for his naps.

This Stroller has stood our test of travel and has our full approval, we paid in full for our stroller and brought it from Boots which is great because we also received boots parenting points which gave us a great bonus amount on our boots card :)

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