Top Toddler Travel Tips - What to Expect on the Plane

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I have done a blog post previously about travelling on a plane with a baby which covers most points but I also wanted to add some more points that specifically relate to toddlers as they can be a whole other challenge in themselves as most parents of toddlers know! I am specifically talking about between the ages of 1 and 2 as Roman isn't two until August 2020 and I am imagining things change again then.

By now toddlers have learnt to walk, maybe start talking and most defiantly have melt downs!

Don't get mum (or dad) guilt

We brought Roman an Amazon Fire kids kindle for his first birthday as we were going to Thailand not long after, he doesn't really use it at home but when we travel its always there to back me up as I know if I put on a specific film or program I'm going to get at least 30 minutes of peace and that's okay as it can be stressful I also have a stash of emergency treats (chocolate, biscuits etc) that I also use as ammunition if needed, its a one off at that time so don't feel bad for giving in to them.

Don't Stress out

At home roman is in an amazing routine he sleeps in his bed all night has a daily afternoon nap and is always ready to go down at a certain time. I expected this to be the same on the planes I had this ideal expectation of the times he would sleep... haha

Don't stress if your little one refuses to sleep just go with it, at the end of the day if they are that tired they will crash and there is so much going on you can't blame them just go with it, keep playing keep them occupied until they decide because its not worth the tears from either of you

Learn something new

Toddlers love to learn so plan something that you will learn during the flight - maybe a new word or skill that they can work on for the hours you are sitting there


Once Roman hit about 15 months we decided unless it was a short flight we would actually need to book him a seat you normally need to call the airlines to do this as they are not allocated seats until the turn 2. We all need a bit of space to stretch and a wriggly toddler on your lap for 7 hours is not the most comfortable, its personal preference as it comes at a cost but before this decision we were on a low cost 6 hour flight from Israel that was full so we did not get a spare seat and Roman slept across our laps the entire time so we couldn't move, the following days we had such bad back ache we couldn't bare another flight like that.

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