Top Baby Travel Tips - Hand Luggage Essentials

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

As Roman has grown older and we have become more experienced on what we need for him on a flight we have managed to narrow down a must pack list of things we always have in our hand luggage.

On most Long Haul flights you are entitled to all have a bag including baby however most short flights the infants are not given hand luggage allowance (check with your airline) We only ever take 2 bags; one for us and one for him we don't like carrying too much with us around the airports and we hate the fight for over head lockers so we try to use bags we can put under the chair in front, this also helps keep things within quick reach. Our bag contains simple essential like clean underwear, toiletries and sweets... they are essential right?

Roman's Hand Luggage however is a lot more organised. I use rucksack that is specifically for babies as it had insulated pockets and special compartments.

Our list of essentials for Roman's hand luggage

  • Nappies - (obviously) depending on the length of the flight i would usually pack about 10 just to be safe

  • Wipes - always a brand new pack

  • Nappy Bags - the toilets don't smell great anyway but we don't need to add to that

  • Small change mat - for using on the fold down changing tables

  • 1 empty bottle - for milk/formula

  • Small water bottle

  • Milk/Formula - Enough for the journey, I opt for the pre-made formula's however now he is older for milk I will normally take a small carton of long life and ask to use the fridge

  • Food and a spoon- I plan out the hours we are travelling and pack enough food for the journey, I will normally take pouches as they don't take up much room

  • Snacks - enough to keep him going

  • A bag of toys - essential for keeping them entertained and they always include stickers an play dough plus his Amazon Kids Kindle fully charged and charger

  • Spare outfit - great for accidents and also if you have a long flight or connection its nice to be able to change

  • Calpol sachets - just in case they are needed and the sachets take up far less space and you can squeeze them into their mouth so no syringe needed

  • Dummy and comforter - Roman has both, dummies we also use a clip as he has a tendency to throw it and it get lost under someones seat

  • Washing Up - I use a small travel bottle that I fill with washing up liquid and have a small sponge that we use to clean his bottles out if needed, we also use this up on a day to day basis of our travels.

And that is about it! Each flight is different due to length of time you are on it and whether or not you have a connection but these things always come with us no matter where and we will then keep this bag made up like this so if we are travelling around inside a country its always on hand with all the essentials (minus food and milk)

We hope this will help with anyone new to travelling with a baby!

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