How to Deal with A Jet Lagged Baby/Toddler

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

There are a few things you can control when travelling; where you will sit, what film you are going to watch and even chicken or fish for your airline meal. The one thing you cant control is Jetlag! We all get it, it is not fun and there is no one magical cure and to add to it you are now travelling with a baby/toddler that doesn't understand the time difference. As a general rule, it will usually take 24-hours per hour of time difference to adjust to your destination, we have picked up a few tips that work well for us and help us to recover as quickly as possible.

Leading up to your departure

Depending on how long you are away you could start adjusting to your new time zone in advance. Try adjusting bed time and nap time by half an hour or so to allow the time difference to be even the slightest bit less.

Babies and Toddlers also love comfort, Roman has a few different 'blankies' that he takes to bed, at home he favours quite a bit one that we dont always have room for so for a week leading up to going we give him his travel blankie to allow it to get a smell of home and it allows him to attach to that particular item. This then comes on the flight and is always in his cot.

Pick your flight times wisely

For the same airfares you can normally pick up a daytime flight or an overnight depending how far you are going. This is really a personal choice as to what you prefer, both have their own benefits. If we have a short flight time (5 hours or less) we would favour a flight that coincides with lunch and nap time this gives us something to do onboard and around a hour of downtime.

When we choose a long haul flight that has a bigger time difference I always look at the time the flight is landing, we tend to choose a flight off of this and go for ones that land either late afternoon or evening. This is because the chances of anyone getting a great sleep on the flight is quite slim and by the end of it you will all be exhausted we will plan our hours and keep Roman awake for a while before we land so hopefully (its always worked out) he will get a decent nights sleep once we get to the hotel

If you arrive in the morning however I would recommend getting lots of fresh air and exercise, power through it and try not to nap as this will affect your nights sleep.

If you have any other top tips on jet lag cures we would love to hear them! We are always on the look out for help :)

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