How to make money blogging

Updated: Oct 19

Blogging was something that I never imagined I could actually make into a career for myself, I'm not from a writing background and had no idea how to make a website. It began for me on Instagram, we have always travelled and love sharing our stories. When we began travelling with our baby at just 2 months old I found my inbox was flooded with other parents wanting to know a variety of things. What do you take on the flight, where did you stay, was it baby friendly etc. I would write back to every single person giving them all my advice but I also found it very repetitive so I wanted to find a way to share my knowledge but that everyone can have access to... and so Tyson Trails was born.

I really believe that if you have a niche to share you too can make a living from blogging and I wanted to share the steps I took and will continue to take to get myself set up; coming from a mum that had no clue and sat on YouTube watching hours of videos to start with!

5 most popular questions about how to become a blogger and how you can make money blogging -

1. How much do bloggers make?

Some bloggers make a fortune and some bloggers can make very little, it all depends on how much time you are willing to invest into the blog, what your target audience is and the content of your writing. Most bloggers will set up social channels alongside a blog (instagram, pinterest, YouTube etc.) and this can also create a source of income now through influencer projects.

2. What does a blogger do?

The main job of a blogger is content creation. You will be creating blog posts, social media posts that share and deliver a message. That could be a post you are writing about a holiday you have just taken and reviewing the hotel or it could be you reviewing a product that you have agreed a job with the company. Photography comes into the creation as well so making sure you either have a good camera on your phone or investing in a proper camera (second hand ones can be picked up really cheaply too)

3. How long will it take to start making money?

This really depends on you, your work ethic and your determination. Some people will start earning within the first few months and other it can take longer.

4. How do bloggers make money?

There are a couple of ways that bloggers make their money:

  • Sponsored Posts - A company or person pays for you to create content for them promoting a specific product or brand

  • Ads - The adverts that you see when on a persons blog these are normally through Google Ads, you don't pay any extra but the blogger gets a small commission for you watching, clicking or buying.

  • Affiliate Marketing - Bloggers will earn a commission from promoting a product to you and if you buy through their link or use their discount code they will earn a small amount in return (again you wont pay any extra for buying through these)

  • Offering Your Services - A company hiring you to do a job; photography, writing or advice maybe in your niche

  • Selling Their Products - A lot of bloggers will also create a product or digital service and then sell them through their websites.

5. How do I become a blogger?

The first step is the mind set, this will take a lot of work and to begin with you may not earn a lot of money but the long term goal needs to be there. Once you have decided this is the career for you then you will need a few items to start up a laptop, camera and wifi. This is when the fun part begins, lets explore how you are going to get set up now...

Set Up Your Blog

The obvious starting point, you have the idea and the materials and now you need a platform to share your content. There are a couple of things you will need in order to get going -

  1. Name: What are you going to call your blog? This name will be the one you use across all platforms some make sure they are available on Social Media as well as your domain.

  2. Niche: You probably already know what you want to write about so just making sure you have a niche in mind, make sure it isn't too broad. If you are going to write about parenting for example then maybe hone in on a particular part of parenting like days out or child fashion. This allows your readers to know what you are about and what to expect from you.

  3. Domain: You will need to register a www. domain name, some website hosts offer this for free for the first year when you use their platform but this is a yearly subscription and gives you a unique website name making it easy to search for you

  4. Website Hosting: There are loads of different website hosts and this is something to look into depending on your budget, ease of use, tools they offer etc. I decided to use for example as I found the website easy to use, great design features because as I mentioned I had no idea how to make a website and I like the analytics it offered me but loads of bloggers also use WordPress so just have a little shop around.

Start Publishing Click Worthy Content

This is the most important step, you could have the most beautiful website but if you aren't writing content that people want to read then it will never get off the backburner. When you are about to start a post think about a couple of things -

  • What will it teach readers?

  • Is it meaningful?

  • Is it unique to your blog? (Not copied)

If you can answer yes to all of these then write away! (don't forget to check your spelling and grammar)

Build Organic Traffic

In order for you to start making money from your blog you will need to start building your organic traffic, this is traffic that has mostly come from search engines such as google and not just your general traffic from social media. This type of traffic is much more valuable to you, the reader has a reason they have visited you; they typed a question into the google search bar and you have come up to answer their question. SEO comes into play for this and once you are up and running you can start looking into more into SEO as it is a whole other topic but keep this in your mind once you have your website built.

Build A Community

You have set up your website, you have posted a couple of blog posts now and traffic has begun to trickle in. The next step you want to start thinking about is building a community:

  • Social Media - Building a following, numbers aren't the be all and end all, to start with its about the quality of your following not the number of them. You want people who are genuinely interested in you and what you have to say.

  • Email Marketing - Getting people to subscribe to your blog and keeping them up to date through newsletters or letting them know when new posts are coming.

  • Replying to People - Making sure that if you are receiving replies to your blog posts that you are taking the time to reply to them.

Start Making Money

Now the reason we are all here! Once the above steps have been walked through and completed, now you can begin to think about the main reason you started this blog; to make money.

It is important not to jump straight to this step, have patience because without the work behind a blog you will not make money and this is where a lot of people loose interest and focus.

Start Making Money By Selling Ads

Selling advertising space on your blog is a great starting place. There are a few different companies that offer this but I choose to use Google Adsense. It is easy to use and straight forward to set up. The amount you can earn from Adsense depends on your blog traffic, advertisement placements and the number of advertisers that are in your niche.

Make Money Selling Your Own Products

Having your own product to sell will maximise the income you can make, whether it is a physical product like prints, stickers, baby clothing or a digital product such as an online course. Advertising yourself to your community will help you to have an extra source of money coming in from your website.

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Finally another way to make money from your blog is to sell other brands product's for a commission. Companies may approach you to do this directly when they notice that you have a great community, however you can also sign up to these schemes yourself. Start by finding the products you want to promote, you then need to enrol on their affiliate marketing program. You will receive links/banners that you will add to your blog, clicking on the link redirect's someone to the providers website. When and if they make a purchase through your link you will receive an agreed commission.

To Conclude

There are so many bloggers out there showing that if you put these simple steps into practise then blogging can be a career path that has so many rewards including a salary.

Everyone with the motivation to succeed can make money blogging. The amount of money you make will depend on the amount of work you are willing to put into the blog to make it happen.

It’s not a quick money maker and it also isn't an easy job results may not show in a few months or even years, it takes time BUT, as I said above, once it happens it’s one of the best jobs in the World!