How we travelled for a month with just 1 checked in luggage

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Babies come with a lot of baggage and it sometimes feels like you now need all of these things in order to survive, when I told Roy that we would only be taking our travel backpack for all 3 of us on a 4 week trip he literally thought I was insane! I had decided this for a few reasons, I wanted to prove to myself that we could live minimalist; I have a tendency of over packing and not using half of the stuff so I wanted to try this out firstly. Secondly I wanted to see how well we could survive fending for ourselves finding essentials whilst travelling in a foreign country, I could have quite easily packed 200 nappies and a months supply of formula but it gave us purpose some days to go to the shops, adventure out of or normal and talk to locals about which items to buy. Lastly and the main reason... we were hopping from place to place and the idea of lugging 3 suitcases plus a stroller and any extras was not ideal so decision made.

Leading up to going I had to pack, pack and pack again constantly whittling it down - mainly our clothes! I managed to settle on taking :

  • 1 weeks worth of clothing per person plus swimming bits (we washed along the way)

  • 1 pair of shoes each it was November so arriving back to the UK was fun in sandals...

  • Water shoes - to stop roman slipping over but also I've had a bad experience cutting my foot open on coral before so I always pack them.

  • We always pack a little suture kit just in case anyone gets injured or needs to use a hospital; we then know where our needles have come from.

  • Masks - for me and Roy to snorkel and scuba, we brought our own masks as a reward for completing our advance diving course so they also come everywhere with us.

  • A small bag for our dirty washing

  • Toiletries and sun cream - We always take enough sun cream with us for the whole trip and mainly because sun cream can be so expensive abroad... its more of a budget thing

We also had our 2 hand luggage's which had our baby essentials and toys in, you can see what we pack in our hand luggage in our previous blog post

But that was it, and in honesty it was so refreshing not having too much choice and not having loads of bags to lug around. When we returned home it actually made me have a clear out of our house to see where we could change our day to day life to live more minimal.

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