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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

If you are looking for an exotic escape that is fun for the whole family then Thailand has it all; beaches, mountains, elephants, temples and so much more.

During our visit to Thailand we really wanted to head back to Phi Phi Islands, we had been pre baby and had an amazing time, its very well known as a party island however we were not too bothered by that as if you pick your hotels right you can avoid the club scene. We managed to find some hidden gem beaches and during the daytime the narrow streets are quieter as everyone is sleeping of their hangover!

Tyson Trails Recommends Visiting

Hire a Longtail Boat - And driver you can choose the length of time, they have set out routes you can follow or you can request your own depending what you want to do. We did 4 hours and it was 1800 bhat you get loads of snorkelling opportunities and amazing photos too, when we went in 2016 Maya Bay was still open however now it is restricted so you only get to view from the boat.

Monkey beach - Another great stop, you will need a longtail boat to reach here, the monkeys come down from the trees to inspect the visitors (and look for the goodies you might be carrying) Roman loved the monkeys running around and dive bombing into the sea, just be careful of your belongings as they will pickpocket!

Phi Phi View Point - Get a view of the whole island! The viewpoint is elevated to 186m, which isn't really that high. It's a brisk 20 minute walk if you are feeling energetic or a leisurely 30 minute walk to the top. The journey up isn't difficult at all so fine for all ages, the path is well trodden and paved most of the way and there are lots of places to rest; remember to take some water with you!

Where To Stay

When you get off the pier there is quite a few hotel touts offering rooms, if you have already booked one then just walk past. If you have booked a hotel around Tonsai pier keep an eye out for your hotel person as they will assist you with getting your luggage to the hotel they usually have a massive wheelbarrow which is a god send as there is no other transport on Phi Phi except boats. If you have booked a hotel on the north side of the island you will need to either arrange with your hotel a transfer or just grab a longtail boat which is super easy.

We decided to stay at Phi Phi CoCo Beach Resort which is walking distance from the pier but is on the opposite side of the pier to the main area. It was on a great little beach that was pretty much deserted most of the day and the absolute highlight was that in the late afternoon the tide would go out and leave loads of little rock pools full of starfish and crabs we headed here every evening to have a wander

Dress Code

Swimwear compulsory! There is no dress code for Phi Phi, it is a very laid back island so swimmers and flip flops are all you will see most people wearing.

When to visit

Phi Phi boasts a tropical climate, it is hot all year round with a rainy season from May to October due to the monsoon season, December to March is the dry season and ideal time to visit for guaranteed sun. Temperatures also ideally range between 23°C and 30°C, making this the perfect weather touristy activities.

Flying to Phi Phi Islands

There is obviously no airport on Phi Phi as it is a tiny island but the closest airport is Phuket, you can go directly from the airport or stay in Phuket a few days. We travelled from Patong to Phi Phi we decided to take the speed boat option which was a little bit more but it only takes 45 minutes from pier to pier as opposed to 90 minutes on the ferry, we also chose this option as if you have been on a Thailand ferry before they can be quite crowded, your luggage is piled up and its a free for all at the end so dependant on your budget I would defiantly look at the speed boat option, you can get some good deals with a little bit of negotiation.

Food & drink

There are lots of your typical chains (burger king, McDonalds etc.) and an abundance of street food stalls however I can't not mention my favourite place to eat; Papaya, also known as the cat fridge restaurant. We go here most nights for dinner as it honestly does the most amazing food now I know your wondering the cat fridge part... I can sum it up as plainly as they have resident cats who have their own fridge they get into and cool down in right in the dining area. Its the highlight of the place alongside the great eats and you have to see it to believe it!

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