7 reasons you should go travelling with children

Updated: Oct 19

1. To show them how big the world is

The reality is, the world is enormous. Spending time in a place where no one knows you can really show you that the world is a giant place much bigger than your village, town or city. Allowing children to experience this growing up helps them to see that they are just a tiny fish in a very large ocean, there is a place and a group out there for everyone and this can help them to find their place in the world.

2. To unplug and connect better with each other

We tend to rely enormously on technology whether it is an Ipad, the TV or games consoles. Now I'm not saying these are necessarily a bad thing, the world is advancing and keeping up to date with this is important. What I do think though is ensuring you unplug as a family more often and spend quality time together is vital. Travel allows this to happen as you will find yourself often without reliable Wifi but also you are exploring more and so less time spent in front of TV's and phones.

3. To help them become adaptable and more flexible

We have always been parents that stick to a routine from day 1 but when travelling routines sometimes go out the window. We started travelling with Roman at just 2 months old and we quickly learnt to adapt our routines to still allow us our evening peace. It also allowed Roman to become more flexible with his sleep, he will fall asleep anywhere if tired; planes, prams or on our laps.

4. To encourage them to try something new

Travel can open their minds to the endless experiences available around the world and helps them to say 'yes' more often. Travel also opens up new experience's such as snorkelling, skiing or even camping. Food choices can also be more limited and travel can assist in them growing up less picky or more adventurous.

5. To show them that although we all look different we are in fact the same

Children will naturally ask questions about the colour differences in people or the cultural differences. We use travelling as a great way to educate children about the diversity in the world. This helps them see everyone as the same and I find Roman will make friends with anyone who wants to play, even if they don't speak the same language.

6. To grow a love for adventure

This is something I believe we have instilled in Roman very well, travelling helps to encourage their imagination and creativity. It allows us to still go to more adult days out as we can put a spin on it for him. Recently we went to Lanzarote and we wanted to visit the Lava tubes on a guided tour, we told Roman we were going on a dinosaur hunt and he spent the entire time so excited looking for fossils and clues.

7. To teach them that multilingualism is a fun way to explore the world

Teaching them different languages is a great way to help them relate to the world, it helps them to understand that different countries speak different languages. We always love to teach Roman some basic words like hello and thank you before we travel places.

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