When can we travel again?

Updated: Oct 19

Are you also missing travelling and wondering when you might be able to get back on that plane again? We know that feeling oh so well! I am constantly checking the latest travel advice and thought I would answer some of the most important questions about UK travel restrictions.

Are we allowed to travel right now?

Currently - No, travelling abroad for a holiday or leisure is currently illegal unless you have a legally permitted reason. We are waiting for the prime minister to announce on Monday (22nd Feb) in which is due to set out a map for getting out of lockdown. In this, we will be waiting to hear about any potential advice on when travel may begin to open up again.

What counts as essential travel?

The current UK lockdown restrictions mean that travel outside of your home is only allowed for a select number of reasons that are classed as essential trips, these include getting food, exercise or medical assistance. For anyone that is looking to travel overseas, you will need to have a legally permitted reason for this such as; for work (meeting the government's requirements) returning home or being reunited with family.

Are hotels in the UK open?

Again - No. Hotels in the UK are only open where they offer quarantine for people coming into the UK or are being used for essential key workers. This will hopefully be elaborated on in the announcement and we are keeping our fingers crossed that some UK travel may be on the cards for this summer if the numbers come down significantly.

Should I book a 2021 holiday?

This question has really mixed answers, understandably the Government is leaning to the side of caution when asked this with the uncertainty of border restrictions and changes in FCO advice. If you are looking to book a holiday there are lots of factors to take into mind, holidays are a steal at the moment and you can grab a bargain however there is a potential that restrictions could still be in place when your holiday is due to go.

I would highly recommend checking any cancellation policies with your airline or holiday provider, favouring those that will offer you a refund if you are unable to travel. This also runs over into booking staycations, it seems Brits are quickly booking up those UK breaks for July and August but again look for breaks that offer you financial protection just in case there are still restrictions in place.

So unfortunately this may not be the news you wanted to hear right now and we feel your pain! But my nugget of advice will be that this is a great time to start saving for an ultimate holiday when we are allowed, we are storing away all the funds we would normally spend on holidays throughout the year and hopefully will put this to fund a bucket list holiday to remember forever!

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